Becoming a maintainer

What level of commitment is expected from maintainers?

At the very least, we try to review and merge pull requests, fix critical bugs and make releases. Past that, the level of your involvement is up to you, and obviously the more involved you are the better, but the explicit stated goal of Code Shelter is to allow projects to continue to live and evolve.

There is no strict amount of time commitment that we ask of maintainers. If you no longer have time to maintain a project, we ask that you remove yourself from it so someone else can pick it up.

What qualifications do maintainers need to have?

The entire premise of Code Shelter is predicated on the high quality of its maintainers, so we need to be rigorous about the volunteers who can maintain a project. We need to be especially careful because maintainers will have release access, and so will be working directly on code that will make it onto people's machines. We would love it if everyone could join, but for now we need to focus on people who are experienced in the language or technology each project is using, and who have significant open source contributions of their own.

Given the high level of trust users and project owners are putting in us, we need our maintainers to already have demonstrated their trustworthiness in the community. As such, we'd like to see any popular project you are an owner/maintainer of, as it would make it easier for us to accept you.

How do I pick a project to work on?

You can see a list of projects in the shelter on the projects page, as well as who currently maintains what. Feel free to join any project on the list and help out, but try to be mindful of existing maintainers, whether they are members of the Shelter or not. If they already have a process laid out, do try to follow it.

Sounds good, how do I join?

First, log in with Github to get a maintainer profile created.

Then, email us at [email protected] and tell us about your notable OSS contributions and why you would be a good addition to the maintainers team, and we'll get the ball rolling!